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Authors: CHEN, RAY
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ISBN: 0969504810
Author: Chen, ray
Publisher: Periwinkle publishers ja. ltd.

Jamaica is a land of many moods, many climates. She reveals a new face at every turning on a mountain road and, in an hour's drive, transports us from the Pedro Plains in dry weather time to the mists and green rolling pastures of Malvern. Contrast and variety abound into her narrow eastern third, not more than 32.18 km (20 miles) across, she packs a mountain range that rises to 2,133 m (7,000 ft), provides Kingston and the Liguanea Plains on the south coast with a superb backdrop of vertical, sharply contoured valleys, and on the north side places Port Antonio in a setting of Tropical rainforest and misty ghost tenanted valleys. So, whether it be Surrey, or Middlesex or Cornwall , contrast and variety abound, all blended into a testament of beauty. As if for the first time we rejoice at…