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Authors: LUCIE-SMITH, E.
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ISBN: 9766370001
Author: Lucie-smith, e.
Publisher: Ian randle publishers ltd.

Albert Huie: Father of Jamaican Painting is the first full-length description and critique of the work of Albert Huie, arguably Jamaicas most revered living painter. Illustrated in full colour, with 69 paintings selected by the international art critic and historian, Edward Lucie-Smith, this book is an excellent introduction to the life and works of Albert Huie as represented across six decades and five genres, namely: landscapes, genre scenes, nudes, portraits and flowers. Lucie-Smith looks at the early beginnings of Albert Huie and his growth as an artist but chiefly examines the broad categories of the artists paintings, as well as individual pieces, within the context of affinities and possible influences from inside and outside of the region. Comparisons and useful references are made between Huies work and certain French Impressionists and Latin American landscapists and such canonized painters as Picasso, Cezanne and Gauguin. This book will prove an entertaining introduction to those readers and viewers with a growing interest in this art form, as well as to the ongoing debate of the artists role in, and responsibilities to, his society; and it will be a priceless addition to the collection of those already familiar with art and the paintings of Albert Huie.