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ISBN: 0333405846
Author: Alleyne, warren
Publisher: Macmillan publishing usa

The popular image of a pirate is an exotic character with a black patch over one eye and a bottle of rum in the hand standing over an open chest of treasure in the moonlight on a tropical beach. An image of colourful daredevils rather than cruel and ruthless villains. In this book Warren Alleyne tells the true story of the leading pirate characters who conducted their activities in the Caribbean- the are often referred to as the Spanish Main. The author has disentangled fact from fiction and in the process he shows how the popular legend has been created. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Warren Alleyne is Barbadian, living close to Bridgetown, Barbados, only a short distance from a property once owned by the notorious Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet. The author served in the R.A.F. in England from 1944-1966 and now earns his living from writing books and articles for journals and newspapers.