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ISBN: 0913441481
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ISBN: 0913441481
Author: Lamming , george
Publisher: Bible society of the w.i.

George Lamming, one of the Caribbean's finest intellects and foremost literary artist... summons us to the urgency of our obligations. The elegance of his utterance should not in any way detract from the gravity of the challenge.... The ongoing struggle demands from all with the gift of knowledge and insight, the commitment of self in the continuing development of humankind. What we have learnt from history will have sharpened insights about ourselves in the process of cross-fertilization - the great art of humankind's " becoming" out of the dynamism of the synthesising of contradiction. For this is the story of life in all the Americas of which our Caribbean is a pivotal and integral part for the all of the past half millennium. This is , indeed, the source and stuff of great literature, great art, grate social structures, of sturdy crucibles of human understanding, of great intellectual achievement in science and the humanities from ancient times to this day. The Lamming monographs are themselves part of the current discourse which targets the historical, cultural and scientific implications of the pan-hemispheric encounters that will continue to be of global importance well into the twenty-first century. REX NETTLEFORD Vice Chancellor University of the West Indies ABOUT THE AUTHOR George Lamming was born on June 8, 1927, in Carrington Village, Barbados. He was Educated at Roebuck Boys School and the prestigious Combemere High School. He received early encouragement from Frank Collymore, his teacher and mentor, and editor of the literary journal, BIM. Lamming left Barbados for Trinidad in 1946, and went to England in 150. He made his home in London for some twenty-five years. During this time he published some six novels and a highly influential collection of essays, The pleasure of Exile (1960). Lamming now makes his home in Barbados where he remains activly involved in the cultural life of the Caribbean.