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ISBN: 9781910553572
Authors: ALI, ARIF
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ISBN: 9781845230425
Author: Adisa, opal
Publisher: Peepal tree

‘Until Judgement Comes,' is a collection of short stories about seven Jamaican men. ‘To say that I love men would be an understatement,' she writes in her introduction. (Antonio Franco - Staff photos) When Opal Palmer Adisa talks about writing, you understand why she likens her muse to an irresistible lover. There's an obvious affair going on between the woman and words. And the love child is her impressive body of work, including poetry, short stories and novels. Whatever form, she infuses her stories with a rich imagery that recalls the lush vegetation and bold colors of her native Jamaica. Her latest book is a collection of short stories about seven Jamaican men, “Until Judgement Comes.”