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Leading folklore artist of Jamaica, Louis Bennett, has proven herself more than qualified to interpret the folk-stories of her beloved Jamaica. A natural artist who has devoted her life to the study of Jamaican folklore, she spent several years doing research in this field; visiting the Maroons, attending old-time Tea-meetings, Religious Ceremonies, Dinkies (Wakes), Country-weddings and concerts and Field-days all over Jamaica. She has collected Anancy stories, Jamaica folk-songs, folk-legends, proverbs, riddles and has woven these into her writings. Miss Bennett's research and folklore creations for the Jamaican stage have helped to save much of Jamaican folk-material from extinction - and already, many of her works have been published. Her contribution to Jamaica's cultural life has been a positive one and she has been honored in recognition of her tremendous achievement. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Ms. Lou, as she is affectionately known to the public, was born in Kingston on the 7th September, 1919. She was educated at St. Simon's College and Excelsior College before going on to England to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Ms. Lou began writing in dialect in her teens at a time when the general feeling of society towards dialect was one of disapproval and disgust. Today, she has raised this dialect to an art-level which is appreciated and accepted by all in Jamaica. She has also been instrumental in promoting Jamaican culture abroad and has lectured expensively in the U.S.A., and U.K., on Jamaican folklore.