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ISBN: 9789768005076
Author: Bennett, louise
Publisher: Sangster's book store ltd.

One wouldn't term Louise Bennett's first published collection of monologues in prose, Aunty Roachy Seh, as self-consciously Jamaican. But one might say that she consciously colors the societal issues of her native Jamaica, in a complex verbal ordering that she makes no exceptions for because the spelling presumes that anyone familiar with Jamaican intonations and word orderings, will recognize it, even when it looks like Standard English. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this collection is the curious spirit of mirth and melancholy that mingles in each selection. As an up-front reminder of their oral context, she begins each monologue, "Listen, No." After that, there is a consistent balancing of cultural revelation and cultural recognition, evident in her treatment of such subjects as breast feeding , crime, local and international politics , local pride, women's rights, education, physical disabilities, color prejudice and so on. Caribbean readers may be more responsive to the implications of her themes, but as human beings, we appreciate their universality.