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Reader, I present . . . the humour, craft and eloquence of the University of the West Indies (Mona) Orator, Professor Edward Baugh! Our man of words at Mona is a distinguished poet and actor, a master of gesture, tone and tempo. It is his mission to write and perform the convocation citations to honorary graduates. This book is a spirited collection of speeches delivered between November 1985 and April 1998. The magic of the voice on the page conjures images and sounds in virtual reality. "Chancellor, I Present . . ." is a public record of one of the most rewarding occasions in the University calendar - the drama of convocation. The subject of this book - the honorary graduates - inspire the orator's artistry: singer, statesman, soldier, actor, politician, diplomat, cleric, educator, entrepreneur. The accomplishments of these exceptional men and women are lauded here in grand style. The opportune publication of this book, much requested over the years, coincides with the extraordinary convocation to mark the University's fiftieth anniversary. It is a most fitting symbol of the intellectual vigour of our celebrated institution.