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Authors: GENTLES, K.
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She didn't know about anybody else but Sunshine had the best childhood. Home life was filled with laughter, sibling rivalries and loving moments. Like the time when Sunshine, in an effort to get back at her nosey little sister, tricked her so she fell off the bed while pretending to sleep. School life was equally joyous and a rain soaked body going home, torn uniform pockets and shoes bottom dropping off added to the memorable moments. The death of Mummy did not change the dynamics and culture of Sunshine's family. Things were not always bright and Sunshine endured many family struggles. It was not that her family was dysfunctional but sometimes she wondered if God was being cruel to her by placing her in that family. Other times she wondered if He loved her more than anyone else that He blessed her with such an Irie family. A family whose members were not only blood related, but socially related as well.