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ISBN: 9766107246
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ISBN: 9766107246
Author: Grant, michael
Publisher: Great house publishing

Daylight Come opens in jamaica in the mid-1960s, a time of soaring spirits. But Pico Campbell is a man very lost in paradise, and doesn't share the euphoria of those early days after Independence. A symbol of wasted promise, a victim of his past, he is caught between his need to remember cataclysmic events he may have witnessed and the paralyzing fear of recalling without redemption. The story flashes back to 1940s Jamaica, where thousands of foreigners - Allied soldiers, enemy POWs and spies - have changed the tropical landscape while World War II rages overseas. A young and adventureous Pico longs for excitement, any chance to be away from rural Jamaica. Enter a mysterious Englishman, a stranger who has come to the island in a hurry, determined to stop a German weapon that could alter the course of the war. If he falls, Jamaica's future may be at stake.