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Up, From The Majestic Hills seeks to tell a significant part of the life story of the author. It takes us from his youthful days in the majestic hills of Northwest Manchester, Jamaica, through the frigid plains of Northern Canada, the shallow waters of the Bahamas then back to the land of his birth. The recount of his journeys includes fleeting looks at certain developments in Jamaica's social and political history. The reader gets a glimpse at the primary educational system available to the peasant child in the hills, plains and valleys of Jamaica in the late 1930's and 1940's, the inaccessibility of high school education for that child, and then the gradual opening up with the coming of the Common Entrance Examination later on. In fact there is quite an exciting period coming with a new awakening on the education scene. His experiences in Western Canada and later in the Bahamas during a second migration stint are recounted. His adventurous working career ends in his native land.