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Being the only girl among four brothers, aged between five and nine years, doesn't make life easy for eight-year old Amanda, who is constantly trying to get in on a piece of the action with the boys, who always seem to be having so much fun. Life in a north coast district in rural Jamaica, in a family with meager resources, offers Amanda limited options to entertain herself, so she is determined to be one of the boys, despite the constant jeering and discouragement from her mean-spirited, eldest brother, Phil. Buoyed by an indomitable spirit, a doting father, as well as her first crush, she manages to force herself into the group and join the boys on a few adventures. Amanda, however, is challenged to endear herself to the group, as whenever she finally gets a chance to tag along with the boys, she somehow always seems to end up in some kind of mishap. When Amanda meets a new friend, Stephanie, who comes to spend the summer with her well-to-do grandparents in the same district, she gets a chance to discover her true talents. Readers follow Amanda's tears and joys through this funny and heart-warming story of an unforgettable summer.