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Faced with losing her mother at the tender age of twelve, being subjected to interminable abuse from an unloving stepmother and migrating between homes, Janice's mother knew too well what suffering was. Despite the severe lack, deprivation and desolation that Janice's mom was experiencing in later years-and not having a stable home in which to leave her children-she preferred to stay in Jamaica and struggle to personally care for them than to take up an offer to join her cousin Olivianna in England. Janice knew the decision that her mom had made could not have been easy but was made out of pure love. From that day, young Janice purposed in her heart that she would use all the physical and mental energy she could muster to pull her mother out of a life of poverty. After leaving high school, she knew it was time for a strong action, so she ventured into unfamiliar territory to accomplish her goal. The Eagle Stays on Top illustrates the bitter and heartrending challenges faced by Janice and her family. By the time her mom was taken away from her life in 2008, she had gotten the wish she had asked God for-to make her Mama proud. This book will show you: How you can triumph over difficult odds and brush yourself off after you have been tossed about by life's challenges, and How you can fight to re-grow your wings and soar like an eagle.