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Written by Jamaican native Horace Fletcher, Fish Kill and Other Modern Day Fables presents a series of fables that encompass day-to-day life experiences and conclude with surprise endings to emphasize the unseen consequences of life's choices. Combining vivid imagery with lyrical prose, Fletcher paints an intimate picture of the human experience often hidden from view. From the blue, crystal waters of the Caribbean to a rural Mexican village, Fletcher delves into the deepest of human emotions. In "Rat Race," a laboratory technician's animal experiments take a wrong turn, while a case of mistaken identity causes serious consequences in "Dead Ringer." Fletcher enters the world of science fiction in "Earth Invasion," and "Bleeding Hearts" features a police chief trying to solve a baffling crime. Each story offers a unique lesson, one that challenges us to examine the daily decisions we make and how they affect those around us. Insightful and eclectic, Fish Kill and Other Modern Day Fables will compel you to stop and think about how you interact with the Earth and its other inhabitants.