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Model: WI0964
ISBN: 9789768189950
Authors: MILLS, DON
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ISBN: 9789768189950
Author: Mills, don
Publisher: Arawak publications

The past three-quarters of a century has seen very far-reaching developments and changes in Jamaica and in the world. The spontaneous protests and demonstrations mounted all over the island in the 1930s, and what the author has called the "awakening" of the people, and the awakening of the British colonial authorities to the great neglect of the Caribbean colonies precipitated the establishment of political and trade union organizations, the initiation of community development programmes, and considerable activity in the cultural field. Jamaica moved on to the establishment of representative and responsible government and, ultimately, in the early 1960s to Independence. The issues of the form and functioning of the government and the state apparatus were addressed, including the Public Service, and the capacity of these to deal with national development, and international affairs and commerce as a sovereign state. There are books and records on these matters but, the author says, "As far as I am aware very few persons who were involved in these activities, and especially those who contributed significantly, have written or published records on the events or on their observations or their views.… I had the good fortune of working as a junior officer with some of those persons during that early period of transformation, and later to occupy senior positions in the service. I write in the hope that the personal element in the story may provide a basis for the interest in the book's contents.