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ISBN: 1405022698
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ISBN: 1405022698
Author: Anthony, michael
Publisher: Macmillan distribution ltd.

Kid Fearless has two fights to worry about. There is his upcoming boxing bout with Young Tiger, who is expected to eat the inexperienced Kid raw. And then there is the fight by Trinidad's oilfield workers for better wages and conditions. It is this second fight that preoccupies Kid Fearless, also known as Hothead, but whose real name is Jason. This fight is led by the Grenadian Uriah Butler, and Jason is Butler's right-hand man and bodyguard. Jason and his wife Elma care for Butler as if he was family. Like their fellow workers, they believe that Butler is the only man who can stand up to the exploitative oilfield management, and even the British government, to win them all a fairer living wage. However, Butler can be rash, needing to be protected from his own actions as much as from those of his enemies in the oilfields, in the oil cartel and among the informers and policemen such as the infamous Charlie King. But Butler, Elma and the Kid find help and support from unexpected sources.