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ISBN: 0333946146
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ISBN: 0333946146
Author: Nausbaum, donald
Publisher: Novelty trading company ltd.

The Caribbean is synonymous with golden beaches, palm tress, and warm sunshine. However, in this book, Donald Nausbaum proves there is so much more as he takes you on a spectacular virtual reality tour of the islands that make up the Caribbean. Travel to the Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands before moving on to the Greater Antilles, the Netherlands Antilles, and, finally, touching down in the Bahamas. This book will be enjoyed and treasured not only by those lucky enough to have visited the Caribbean, or even those who live there, but also by all who wish to find their very own paradise. Donald Nausbaum found paradise in the Caribbean years ago, and this book is the ultimate fruition of that love affair. This is a photographic journey through the islands, capturing them at their most delightful. Nowhere is ignored, and you will find delightful pictures of the Grenadines as well as the more obvious Jamaica and Trinidad. The photographs are delightful and captivating and this book will serve as a reminder to anyone who has visited the Caribbean of it's unique light and character, it will also help to foster and build dreams if you have yet to visit.