Our History

The University Bookshop started in 1970 as a privately owned bookshop operated by Sangster’s Bookstore.

Importantly, a few years later, the University administration, in the interest of its growing student population, opted to acquire the operation of the bookstore from this external magnate.

In keeping with the strategic direction of the University, we have since evolved into a self-supporting, income-generating service and industry leader in the academic book trade.

We provide primarily for the Faculties, students and academia, a wide variety of textbooks, journals and stationery for their academic programmes.

Today, as the primary content provider on the Mona Campus, we cater to a university community comprising approximately 2,000 staff members and more than 10,000 students – mainly from Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, as well as the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. We make it our business to fulfil the Faculties’ requirements for prescribed texts and other supplementary materials for their specialised areas of interest.