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ISBN: 9789766400675
Publishers: THE PRESS -UWI
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ISBN: 9789766400675
Author: Mcgregor, et al
Publisher: The press -uwi

This is a study of resource sustainability and Caribbean development. "Resource Sustainability and Caribbean Development" follows on from Barker and McGregor's earlier edited volume "Environment and Development in the Caribbean: Geographical Perspectives" (1995) and aims "to focus more specifically on the theme of sustainability, and to examine research contributions of geographers to problems of sustainability in the Caribbean region . . . "While the problems of environmental degradation have increased in recent decades, the ability of Caribbean governments to cope with the consequences appears to have been eroded. There is, however, a growing recognition within the region of the need for development strategies that focus on the social needs of the people, yet simultaneously protect the fragile natural environment . . . It is hoped that the research presented here will serve to inform the wider research and decision-making community of the main problems associated with resource sustainability in the region, and of some of the major research directions crucial to the alleviation of these problems."