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Authors: MYERS, ALAN
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Author: Myers, alan
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The study of the geographical distribution of organisms is truly multi-disciplinary. Unfortunately, however, this has often led to a fragmentation of the subject rather than unity. This book provides a balanced overview of this important area of study, written by a team of distinguished experts from such disciplines as botany, ecology, genetics, geography and palaeontology. Each contributor sets out clearly in non-technical jargon the principles, aims and visions of their own area of research. With a series of linking sections, the editors then draw together and put into perspective the various chapters so that common ground between the differing approaches is highlighted. The book contributes to the integration of different biogeographical approaches and it should be a useful source for a range of courses in biogeography, evolutionary studies and ecology, helping us to unravel the history of life on this planet. This book should be of interest to researchers, graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of fields, including evolutionary, ecological, palaeontological, taxonomic and general biological sciences.