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Authors: BAASE, S. ET AL
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ISBN: 9780201612448
Author: Baase, s. et al
Publisher: B.c.r university bookstore

Drawing upon combined decades of teaching experience, Professors Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder have extensively revised this best seller on algorithm design and analysis to make it the most current and accessible book available. This edition features an increased emphasis on algorithm design techniques such as divide-and-conquer and greedy algorithms, along with the addition of new topics and exercises. It continues the tradition of solid mathematical analysis and clear writing style that made it so popular in previous editions. Highlights Emphasizes the development of algorithms through a step-by-step process rather than merely presenting the end result Stresses the importance of the algorithm analysis process—continuously re-evaluating, modifying, and perhaps rejecting algorithms until a satisfactory solution is attained Provides extensive treatment of recursion with a clear, student-friendly review of how it works and why it is a valuable programming technique Uses a Java-like pseudocode; includes an appendix with Java examples