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ISBN: 9781596240452
Authors: PRAYSON, R.
Publishers: ELSEVIER INC.
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In the past several years, forensic pathology has been the focus of multiple television programs and bestselling novels and, in some respects, has become a glamorous profession. The reality is far different: In fact, autopsy has been the focus of considerable controversy since its inception. This book focuses on that reality and reveals just what we really do learn from the dead. Despite a recent decline in autopsy rates, its merits are actually considerable. In addition to determining the cause of death in criminal cases, it plays a role in establishing public trust in medicine, provides therapeutic value for surviving family members, and benefits the population as a whole by allowing for surveillance and detection of certain disease processes. Autopsy remains a mainstay of medical education, affording a unique opportunity to perform many types of research. This guide dispels myths and is an invaluable resource for families who are faced with decisions regarding autopsy.