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ISBN: 0702026816
Authors: BISSETT & ET AL
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This comprehensive yet concise pocket reference offers a systematic approach to the analysis and interpretation of obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound images. For ease of use, it is divided into 2 distinct sections: Part I addresses the diagnostic information that ultrasound reveals about early pregnancy, fetal well-being and growth, and structural fetal anomalies. Part II helps the practitioner sonographically evaluate pediatric and adolescent patients, as well as fertile and postmenopausal women.

* Combines extensive lists of differential diagnosis in obstetric and gynecological ultrasonography with a brief description of sonographic and clinical features.
* Includes concise notes on the clinical relevance of ultrasound images.
* Matches ultrasound findings with common or uncommon possible causes.
* Features the latest ultrasound modalities and their clinical applications, including power Doppler and color Doppler.
* Includes increased coverage of sonographic appearances, as well as additional lists of differential diagnoses.
* Incorporates updated key references throughout.
* Presents a redesigned layout that makes information easily accessible.