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ISBN: 9781584884156
Authors: WOODWARD, M.
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Building an up-to-date understanding of the methodologies that can be used to shape public health policies, Epidemiology: Study Design and Data Analysis, Second Edition encompasses the study of epidemiology from the observation of associations between risk factors and disease to the use of practical, data-supported analyses. It presents study designs commonly used for a wide range of purposes, and covers the spectrum of statistical principles and analytical tools used in epidemiological research, such as techniques used in report writing, descriptive analyses, statistical models and synthesis of evidence. New Material in This Edition Includes: Systematic evaluation, Meta-analysis, Regression dilution, Case-cohort studies, Case-crossover studies, Pooled logistic regression, Companion Web site containing data sets for examples and exercises, SAS and Stata code for examples, a sample size calculator, and a SAS floating absolute risk macro. The second edition of a popular textbook, this book emphasizes quantitative and design aspects of epidemiological research. The author favors the use of basic mathematics and practical methods over complicated mathematical proofs, making this an ideal textbook that is comprehensive yet accessible to graduate students in epidemiology, statistics, public health studies, and/or medical research.