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The ninth edition of Cross and Tapper on Evidence retains the lively, readable style, comprehensive coverage and in-depth insight of previous editions to meet the needs of today's degree, bar and police students, as well as practitioners. Discussing theory and practice of this field, the book provides criticism and comment on the law, drawing on numerous recent cases to illustrate the workings of the law. The new edition has been fully updated to incorporate recent changes in the law, as well as looking forward to future developments. Full account is taken of the Civil Evidence Act 1995 which accomplished the liberalisation of the admission of hearsay in civil proceedings and which has enabled this whole topic to be considered in a more simple and concise way. It also considers the implications for the law of evidence of the Human Rights Act 1998, the likely effects of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Bill 1999 and the proposals by the Law Commission for the reforms relating to the admissibility of evidence of bad character in criminal proceedings. In addition the book examines the changed background provided by the new Civil Procedure Rules to the law of evidence in criminal proceedings.