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ISBN: 9789766373887
Authors: CLEGG, P
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ISBN: 9789766373887
Author: Clegg, p
Publisher: Ian randle publishers ltd.

This edited volume brings together the perspectives of scholars and officials from Europe and the Caribbean to provide a much-needed international, comparative and interdisciplinary perspective on the status and performance of the non-independent territories in the Caribbean. The status of the non-independent Caribbean remains problematic. None of the islands wish to stand on their own as sovereign states, but many are also dissatisfied with the status quo. They have surrendered aspects of their political, economic and cultural identities to external centres of power, leading to a complex and sometimes unsatisfactory state of affairs in both the territories and their metropoles. Governance in the Non-Independent Caribbean utilises the current debates in political science, international relations, international political economy, and development studies to create a framework of analysis to consider trends within the non-independent Caribbean. The book offers an interdisciplinary and international set of contributions providing an assessment of how these rather forgotten but important territories are facing the challenges of globalisation through a particularly interesting and unusual set of governance arrangements.