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ISBN: 184277381X
Author: Buckman, greg
Publisher: Arawak publications

Economic globalization--as author Greg Buckman persuasively argues in the first half of this book--has never been an inevitable part of human history. It is eminently reversible and hugely resistible. In the second half of the book Greg Buckman argues there are two broad approaches within the anti-globalization movement. One, perhaps the most influential strand today, he calls the Fair Trade and Back to Bretton Woods school. This argues for immediate reforms of the world's trading system, capital markets, and global institutions. The other, an equally broad church (the Localization school) take a more root and branch critical position and argues for the abolition of these institutions and outright reversal of globalization. Buckman explains the details of each school's outlook and proposals, the criticisms that can be made of them, where they disagree, and--perhaps most importantly--where they share common ground and can come together in their campaigning.