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Authors: HARDING, O.
Publishers: L.M.H. PUBLISHING
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"Dr. Harding has provided indications as to further ideas for critical investigations of the issues that he has raised and ably discussed in this very original book. This is an effort that is as outstanding as the author." Dr. John Ayotunde Isola Bewaji University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Dr. Harding's objectives in this book are clearly and judiciously stated. His methods judiciously combine conceptual analysis with relevant empirical data and he has achieved his stated objectives. His contribution to the literature is original insofar as it intensively locates debate over possibility of near death experiences in the context of a type of metaphysical theory known as 'holographic theory'. To my knowlege, no one has attempted this relocation before at the level of imaginative integration which Dr. Harding achieves. His interpretation of empirical data is essentially sound and plausible, and he has presented his material in clear and effective manner. Dr. Harding's book tries to tackle a very difficult topic, and he does so with humility and imagination, a combination all too rare in works of this type. It is a must read for all scholars and persons interested in issues of body-mind problem, near death experience, out of body experience and holography." Professor George Graham AC Reid Professor Wake Forrest University North Carolina Mankind in the modern computerized and scientific age is still unable to let go the dreams and visions of a spirit world that held sway in the infancy of the human race. The question of a life after death looms as large as ever in the thoughts of men. Some make short shift of the question, for in their view consciousness is but a biological byproduct of brain events and as such perishes with the body, which, after biological death, is known to rot and decay. Yet to others, the thought lingers like a half-remembered melody: is death really the extinction of the human personality or does it really allow for some continuity of consciousness?