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Model: LL0510
ISBN: 9781405130837
Authors: CLARK, JOHN
Publishers: JOHN WILEY & SONS INC.
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This fully revised third edition integrates updated references, new findings, and modern theories, to present readers with the most thorough and complete introduction to phonetics and phonology. Exceptionally thorough, including detailed attention to articulatory and acoustic phonetics as well as to the foundations of phonological analysis Features a number of valuable changes, incorporating new material on the latest findings in speech production studies; greater coverage of prosody, including a major section on autosegmental metrical models; expanded coverage of phonology, including Optimality Theory; and sections on L1 and L2 acquisition, and sociolectal variation. Integrates new findings, theories references throughout, offering students the most thorough and complete knowledge of the subject to date Includes 125 figures throughout.