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Japanese for College Students: Basic is a genuinely integrated, comprehensive course for learning every aspect of beginning Japanese: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It utilizes a functional approach tried and proved in the classrooms of International Christian University, known for the excellence and experience of its staff. In three volumes, the series contains 300 hours of study, 2,000 words, and 450 kanji. Three sets of tapes complete the series. TheTeacher's Manual is full of suggestions, advice, and ideas on how to complete a well-rounded course. See the excerpted Introduction below. Features of Japanese for College Students: Basic Listening and Speaking * Varied, ready-to-use drill exercises make preparation a snap * All activities within the text; no additional workbooks to buy * Focused exercises utilize essential vocabulary * Functional approach emphasizes quick attainment of useful skills * Hundreds of additional related exercises included in the Teacher's Manual. * Set of tapes (sold separately) enhances the speed and fluency of language learning Grammar Notes * Clear, straightforward explanations * Plentiful examples eliminate the need for confusing, semi-grammatical terms * Two Comprehensive grammar indexes (English and Japanese) for easy reference to the text * Cultural and linguistic information provided as necessary Reading * Relevant, interesting, and up-to-date material * Passages integrate previously learned material while concentrating on new vocabulary * Two vocabulary indexes give definitions, kanji, and the place first introduced in the text * Traditional Japanese subscript pronunciation guide (rubi) added where necessary * Both horizontal and vertical printing are given, as well as hand-written passages * Comprehension checks and reading/writing activities accompany each passage Writing * Employs the three Japanese scripts-hiragana, katakana, and kanji-from the outset * Kanji introduced according to relevance and frequency of use * New kanji presented with all common readings and stroke order * Kanji index makes it easy to find previously introduced characters.