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ISBN: 0521349265
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ISBN: 0521349265
Author: Bethell, leslie
Publisher: Cambridge university press

The complete Cambridge History of Latin America presents a large-scale, authoritative survey of Latin America's unique historical experience from the first contacts between the native American Indians and Europeans to the 1980's. First published in 1987, Spanish America after Independence c. 1820 - c. 1870 is a selection of chapters from volume III brought together to provide a continuous history of Spanish America during the first half century following independence from Spain. The first two chapters form a general survey of economy and society, politics and ideology for Spanish America as a whole; the remaining chapters provide a more detailed history of individual countries or groups of countries: Mexico; Central America; Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador; Peru and Bolivia; Chile; and the River Plate Republics. Bibliographical essays are included for all chapters. The book will be a valuable text for both teachers and students of Latin American history.