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Model: HS1060
ISBN: 9781552631201
Authors: MARRUS, M.
Publishers: BAKER & TAYLOR
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ISBN: 1552631206
Author: Marrus, m.
Publisher: Baker & taylor

Perhaps the most shocking instance of man`s inhumanity to man, the Holocaust is one of the central events of our times. - How was the Holocaust unique? - Did the Nazis have a murderous master plan from the very start? - What were the attitudes of the general public in Germany and Occupied Europe? - Could neutral powers, Allied governments or the Catholic Church have done more to save Jewish lives? - And could the Jews themselves have done more to resist the Nazi`s final solution? Historians have provided many crucial, although often controversial, new insights into these intensely painful and complex questions. In this invaluable book, Michael R. Marrus presents a judicious and lucid survey of their views, together with his own conclusions.