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ISBN: 9766320462
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ISBN: 9766320462
Author: Bastick & ezenne
Publisher: Faculty of education

"The foresights of the editors, and the rigorous research of the authors, have come together to provide us with this invaluable publication. Interwoven in the issues and findings of the research essays in this collection are two recurring themes; the identification of challenges posed in preparing Caribbean students to be positive actors in the new global network and the isolation of challenges posed in developing these global relations. Over recent years, many of our teachers in the Caribbean have been recruited to work in metropolitan centres in North America and Europe. In many instances they have been placed in the centres with Caribbean communities. These teachers can, therefore, benefit from the findings of these research papers and better deal with the patterns of language use, crises identification and other unique situations faced by our students abroad. The content of this publication should therefore be a "must read" for all our teachers - to give them new insights and direct information on what they are confronting and what approaches they need to take." Maxine Henry-Wilson, MP Minister for Education, Youth and Culture, Jamaica.